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Ramen + Handroll

It's the Simple Pleasures in Life


Our Ramen 

Authentic ramen starts with tonkotsu broth that is freshly cooked for 24-48 hours daily which creates a thick white broth. Our pork chashu, which means braised until tender, is simmered to perfection. Add in seasoned boiled egg that is firm outside, but soft gooey on the inside, sprinkle with kimchi, nori, sautéed wood ear mushrooms, mounts of fresh spring onions, marry that with our famous ramen noodles al dente style and you’ve got yourself a ramen bowl of perfection. A bowl that will wake up your taste buds and an addiction that will make you come back for more.

Want it spicy? Love garlic with some fresh spring onions? Want chicken, pork, or tofu? Vegetarian or Vegan style?  We’ve got you covered. All of our bowls can be customized to your liking and authentically made fresh daily.

Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

Explore Karai in 3D like you are really there!

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